April 2nd, Sexy Floor Dance “The Art of Dance Settuction” for all levels with instructor Kike

[Sexy Floor Dance “The Art of Dance Settuction” for all levels with instructor Kike]

Tuesday, at 8:30 PM for 90min, April 2nd, 2024.

He is coming back to Tokyo from overseas❗️Special one-day-only class will be held by famous dancer Kike who has been performing on the world stage for over 30 years.❗✨
Immerse yourself in Sexy floor dancing, “The Art of Dance Seduction”, at our performance showmanship workshop. We elevate storytelling through heart and brain connection techniques, transforming your dance into a captivating experience for your audience. Understanding the essence of efficient motor system capacity is crucial for spectators and artists.

This is a 90-minute choreography class that does not use poles. Recommended for those who are struggling with how to dance while not doing pole tricks or when they are away from the pole and those who want to improve their dancing skills 💙💙💙
Beginners are welcome ❗️ Please bring comfortable clothes and bare feet.

Price: Member 4,500 yen (Inc. tax), Visitor 5,00 yen (Inc. tax).

*Payment can be made online or in cash at the studio.
*If you are a member and would like to pay with your class ticket, please select “Ticket” online and pay the difference of 750 yen on the day of the event with cash.
*If you are a visitor and would like to pay by credit card online, please make a reservation and pay online for the membership fee of 4,500 yen, and then pay the difference of 1,000 yen on the day by cash or credit card.
*A trial class price is not available for this class.
*Please note that the total amount will be charged for cancellations made 12 hours before the class starts.

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