Welcome to Pole Dance Tokyo! Are you ready to take your very first class at our studio? Let’s start!

How to participate in your trial class


Please choose a class that fits your experience level and reserve your spot online and make a payment online. Your first class will be 2,000 yen as a trial fee. (It is 2,500 yen if you pay by cash at the studio.) Please scroll and see the “what to wear and what to bring” section.

*Students who even experienced in other dance/fitness styles but without pole dance experience should start with pole dance Lv.1 class/Lv.1&2 mix class.*All our classes are open to men.

Wish to take a class in English?

2. See you at the studio!

Please arrive 10 -15 minutes before the class.

After a trial class

You can choose to become a member (You’ll get the best deal!) or join our classes as a visitor.

Please see here for more information.

Current promotion 2021 for new students!

For purchase of the membership only
You will get a 50% off the promotional price for 2 years membership fee: reduced to 6,600 yen from 13,200 yen!

For purchase of the membership & 10 class ticket package (37,730 yen)
You will get 100% off the Membership fee: reduced to 0 yen from 13,200 yen!

*An additional payment of 1,100 yen is required for sports insurance.

What to wear and what to bring

Pole Dance Lv.1, Chair Acro Dance, Circus Training and Handstand, Contortion classes

Tops – T-shirt or Camisole or Sports Bra. Bottoms – Long trouser or Leggings, Barefoot.
Water and Towel.

Exotic Pole Dance Class

Tops – T-shirt or Camisole or Sports Bra. Bottoms – Long trouser or Leggings, Shorts. High heels, Knee pads. Water and Towel.


Don’t worry! Our basic class is for the absolute beginner! All our instructors are very friendly, we are committed to teaching slowly and carefully.

More questions?

Please take a look Q&A.

Pole Dance Lv.1 class flow

STEP1. Warm-up and stretch

In order to prevent injuries, we start with a warm-up. And fully stretch the body using the pole!

STEP2. Pole tricks

Gain momentum while walking, hook one leg on the pole and spin! Relax, use your body weight and let the centrifugal force take care of your body.

STEP3. Dance

Try out a simple dance! Using the walk and spins that you just practised, we create a simple choreographic routine and dance it to the music. Showtime!

STEP4. Cooldown

We end with a simple stretch to loosen the muscles. Well done!